Pure Mulberry Silk Saree and Muga silk saree

In what ways are Mulberry Silk and Muga Silk different?

In what ways are Mulberry Silk and Muga Silk different?

At first glance, Silk is a natural fiber known for its elegance and sophistication. But most people wonder what makes Silk so unique and desirable. Is it the attention-grabbing features, shine, or something else? Well, whatever it is, Silk is high-demand commodity consumers want for fashionable garments with soft furnishings.

So, let's go through the most known silk sarees of all times from Assam, i.e. Mulberry Silk and Muga Silk..!

In this article, we will understand how mulberry Silk and Muga silk are different, and we will also discuss where you can reach out for the best Muga silk or mulberry silk sarees in India.

So, let's begin with a bit of definition.

What Mulberry silk sarees is

A popular form of Silk is Mulberry silk, especially for textiles. Originating from the Indus Valley Civilization era, it is one of the exquisite Silk used in materials. The cocoon's sole food source is the white Mulberry plant, resulting in its white or off-white colour. These silkworms are domesticated and reared indoors. States producing mulberry silk include Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Jammu & Kashmir.

On the other hand, let's know about Muga silk sarees.

Muga silk sarees are golden yellowish and are mainly cultivated in Assam, India. It is produced from Antheraea assamensis, a semi-domesticated silkworm that feeds on the leaves of Som and Soalu plants. It is a highly valued product used to make chaddars, sarees, etc.

Let's go more in detail and understand how both leading Assamese sarees are made (Mulberry & Muga silk sarees)

Let's Begin.

Mulberry silk is produced by the bombyx mori, a domesticated silkworm whose diet consists exclusively of leaves from the mulberry tree. The mulberry silkworm spins a cocoon, which is unravelled into a single long mulberry silk fiber; several fibers are then turned into mulberry silk thread, which is then woven into silk fabric used to make silk bedding, accessories, and clothing. On the other hand, Muga silk sarees are It is made from the semi-cultivated silkworm named Antheraea assamensis. It is organic and natural and has the most potent natural fibre.

Let's compare them and have a good jest for Mulberry silk and Muga silk... But, first, to know more about them and their differences.

Let's get up with Mulberry silk vs Muga silk sarees.

Few of them know Mulberry silk is the most favourable worldwide and is 90% of the global Silk produced? It's the highest quality silk made from the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori. Measuring the density of Silk is done with a momme. Mulberry Silk bedding should have at least six to ten momme available in the fabric. It is used in the manufacture of comforters and sleeping bags. Muga silk originated in India, and it has a glossy golden-brown texture. It is also known as Assam milk because the silkworm fabric was reserved for Assam's royal families. It is used to make sarees, but it is mainly used for eco-friendly, sustainable purposes.

Is your question, "Can I buy Mulberry Silk or Muga Silk Sarees online?"

If yes, so, where am I supposed to reach out?

Many online sources are available in the market today. But you need to find the most reliable and quality providing one along with the pure material used. It may be challenging to get all these qualities at once by setting up a home! 

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