Muga Makhela Sador

What is Mekhela sador? And why is it more popular in Assam?

What is Mekhela sador? And why is it more popular in Assam?

Assam has been known for producing high-quality silk since ancient times. The well-known Muga Silk, a variety of wild silk, is geographically labelled to the state of Assam in India.

In a state where beauty lurks in every corner, from its jade green tea gardens to being home to the great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros, Assam has captured the hearts of many and more. Furthermore, it is also famous for its traditional dress style, Mekhela Chador, otherwise known as Mekhela Sador.

Throughout this article, we will explore what Mekhela Sador is, how they are made, and why they are popular in Assam. We will also discuss where we can find the best Mekhela Sador Sarees in India.

Let's Start with an intro to Mekhela Sador…..

So, what Mekhela Sador is?

Mekhela Chador (also spelt Mekhela Chadar, Mekhela Sador, or Mekhla Chadar) is a Saree comprising two pieces of cloth draped on the top and bottom, which is the traditional attire worn by women in Assam. The bottom half of this distinct dress is called the 'Mekhela ', a round fit used waist downwards over a petticoat. As with a saree, the top portion of the dress is called Chador, which is loose at the end.

The Mekhela is wrapped around the waist with the pleats on the right side and tucked in. On the other hand, the Chador is tucked into the Mekhela's upper portion at one end, and the other drapes around the body's upper portion. These days a fitted blouse is worn, unlike earlier when another piece of fabric known as the Riha used to be worn.

Then, how is this Mekhela Sador Made?

Typically, Mekhela Chadors are fabricated from Muga Silk, Pat Silk, Eri Silk or Cotton. The Muga Mekhela Chadors are so durable that they are often said to outlive their owners. The Mekhela Chador, unlike the Ghagra or the Pavadai Dhavani, is worn by women of all ages.

Let's know more in detail about each type of Mekhela Sador that is manufactured. 

The Mekhela Chadors are usually found in three varieties and are differentiated based on the silk used in manufacturing. There are several varieties of Mekhela Chadors:

Muga Mekhela Chador: These Muga Mekhela Sador are the ones that are being made by using the Muga Silk and are believed to be so durable that they often outlive their owners.

Eri Mekhela Chador: These Eri Mekhela Chadors are the ones that are made by using the Eri Silk and are usually soft and warm in nature.

Pat Mekhela Chador: These Pat Mekhela Chadors are the ones that are being made by using the Pat Silk and are generally white in colour, ranging from brilliant white to off-white.

Let us know why Mekhela Sador is so popular/prevalent in Assam.

The acclaimed Mekhela Chador is an absolute jewel of Assamese, as its pattern consists of ornamental designs that are traditionally woven but never printed. In addition, a woven pattern called Pari is occasionally on the side of the Chador to make the dress look more appealing while still being in its natural state.

Due to the bright gold, Muga silk is exclusive to Assam and is very costly. It is not just a simple piece of cloth worn by Assamese women but luxury and has been highly appreciated by fashion designers globally. 

Let's see how popular Mekhela Sador is all over India.

The magnificent and unique saree, which was formerly only worn by women in Assam, had travelled a long journey to define its beauty and worth in the Bollywood industry and modern lifestyle. Since Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, and Karishma Kapoor have worn this traditional Assamese drape, it has become popular in India. Lakme, a fashion brand, introduced the Mekhela Chador at Lakme Fashion Week and has been gaining popularity ever since.

Want to buy Mekhela Sador? Then where can I reach out in India?

If you are willing to buy Assamese silk  Mekhela Sador, you may need to find them out. No need to get panic; there are many sources which you can use to find them out. Like searching for them physically by visiting stores, Or by another way that is online/Internet. So Instead of searching and going visiting physically to the store, you may prefer getting them online with just simple clicks. Although there is another question that may drive your mind, i.e. whether I get a perfect quality in Mekhela sador as I want? So at this point, you may stop and quit. So there is no need to leave over your wants. 

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Buy the best Mekhela Sador sarees online….

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