You Can Enhance Your Look In Silk Sarees With These Tips

You Can Enhance Your Look In Silk Sarees With These Tips

Silk Sarees exist in a variety of fabrics and styles. Every type carries its own magnificence and charm. Notable fancy sarees include the Assamenic silk, Banarasi, and countless others. These assorted creations of saris can be fit for a variety of ceremonies and functions. However, of all the array of saris, Silk ones have been the prized selection. The Assamenic silk, Tussar silk and Baluchari silk are genuine examples of beauty and dignity.

Nonetheless, to attain the desired attractive appearance, it is essential to coordinate your silk saree with the proper kind of blouse. Unfortunately, blouses have many possibilities, making it slightly hard to determine the right one to wear with your silk saree. The customary selections elected by women undeniably give them an alluring look. Still, there is no wrong in striving for something off the beaten track and concocting a disparate look from other people.

That is why we have for you three unique ways by which you can enhance your look with a silk saree and effortlessly stand out from the crowd. We will also discuss where you can buy the perfect silk saree to improve your face in no time!

Let's begin.

Hints for improving your appearance with silk sarees.

Bring in your Embroidered Blouses.

You must admit that there is no better way to appear fashionable delicately than donning a sophisticated and elaborately embroidered blouse with your new silk sarees. But, on the other hand, if you opt for a plain silk saree, joining it with a substantial brocade or an Assamese silk blouse can lend all the poise and the classic appeal you need to make your appearance nothing less than sensational! This outfit gives opulence to your aura and produces a hush-hush style statement sufficient to make everyone in the audience gasp!

Wear your silk sarees properly

Make sure you arrange your saree confidently before wearing it! Traditional sarees shouldn't worry you, right? Wearing a silk saree is easy once the proper procedure is followed.

Taking care of silk sarees is somewhat tricky. However, if you practice a few things while handling silk sarees, there is nothing to worry about. 

To wear the traditional Mekhela Chadar of the Assamese people, follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the Mekhela, similar to a skirt, around your waist and tuck it in.
  2. Hold the Chadar in front of the Mekhela, making sure to tuck about 20-25 cm from the end of the Chadar over the Mekhela.
  3. Fold the loose end of the Chadar twice and secure it with a pin.
  4. Pleat the remaining length of the Chadar and wrap it around your waist from left to right.
  5. Adjust the size of the pallu, the part of the Chadar that drapes over your shoulder, so that it reaches the back of your knee and secure it with a safety pin.

You can easily and quickly put on the Mekhela Chadar with these steps.


While handloom silk sarees are lovely, patterned sarees also have their appeal. A silk saree's appearance can be made or broken using brighter or darker designs. Have you given this idea any thought before? You should be aware that lighter sarees with subtle needlework and smaller designs or motifs are always preferred over bolder and darker sarees if you want to look great in a printed saree. While appealing, more aggressive designs or motifs are overpowering compared to lighter ones. Also, floral arrangements never go out of style. The trick to looking well in these is choosing smaller or abstract prints.

Place where you can reach out for silk sarees online

If you're willing to invest in Assamese silk sarees, that will draw everyone's notice. The above-mentioned Assam saree fashion can be used. There are numerous places where you may purchase silk sarees. But you must track down the ideal one. Like physically looking for things by going to stores or another approach which is online/Internet. Therefore, you can order them online with just a few clicks rather than searching and physically visiting the store. So you can stop here and give up. So there's no reason to depart because of your preferences. Simply contact Sereki Assamese Heritage Handloom Sarees to get started.

Why Sereki's are preferable for silk sarees

If you want to enhance your look in Assam Sarees style, then there is no better place than Sereki's Assamese heritage handloom sarees. In preserving artisan value and elegance, Sereki is an Assamese handloom brand that fuses traditional and modern fashion to celebrate the history and richness of Assam's heritage. At sereki's, there are various silk sarees that you can prefer to buy, such as Ayana Silvery-Grey Kesa Paat Silk Saree, Ekaa Ivory White-Gold Paat Silk Saree, Jaymati Blue-Grey Paat Silk Saree, and Anadari Mustard Yellow Paat Silk Saree etc. are few of the examples of Assamese silk sarees that popular all over Assamese tradition.

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