About Us

Sereki represents a woman's strength and femininity's creativity. It signifies sarees of the highest quality.Sereki is a contemporary handloom design brand that has celebrated the richness of Assam's heritage through its carefully curated design approach and craftsmanship, which preserves artisanal values and elegance to harmoniously blend tradition and modern. 

Reema Khargaria, the Founder and Creative Director of Sereki

She is the driving force behind the brand. Sereki started in 1993 as RIHA (Reema industries of Handloom and art). Since then, Sereki has continued to remain a lifestyle brand, supporting the art and livelihood improvement to all the artisans associated with the brand.

Mekhela Sador has become a treasure to own, renowned for its pure silk and exquisite weave. Reema's eye for authenticity with elegance is deeply rooted in her love for Assamese culture, which eventually gave birth to sereki.It began as a hobby with four looms and not as a profession. Customers adored the workmanship, so it stayed on. There is still no signboard outside the shop, which doesn't even appear like a shop. Sereki has sustained customers for the past 25 years, and 90 percent of people who buy from her return.

Her ideas are inspired by traditional and contemporary styles to create an appearance that is both modern and timeless. These  designs are ageless and minimalistic. Reema is particularly fond of aesthetics and all things opulent, she primarily works with pastel shades and  is well-known among her customers and admirers for never compromising on thread quality or the quality of silver or golden guna used in the sarees.

Anuksha Khargharia, Co-Founder of Sereki

She is responsible for taking the business digital. She heads marketing campaigns, promotions of the products in the domestic and international markets and also collaborating with other brands to increase reach.

She is also a psychologist who runs her independent mental health clinic in Bangalore. She loves interacting with customers of Sereki to keep bettering the overall user experience of her homegrown brand.