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We feel loved to have sustained customers for the past 32 years and 90% of our customers who buy our silks come back for more. Read our stories of inspiration.


"Thanking Sereki for draping me in yards of elegance and giving me the perfect color for my wedding and reception. Draped in hues of pink and traditional white on my wedding and reception day,I was elated to be receiving several compliments for the simplicity of the Sereki Mekhala Chador with the richness and craftsmanship of its designs. I love #SerekiWeaves. I seek every opportunity to wear traditional Assamese Paat, Kesa and Muga Silk sarees on all festivities and occasions all year round."



"My family has been buying mekhelas from them for 2 generations now. Love how intricate, delicate their designs are and the ability to order customized designs from them, resulting in unique pieces of wonder.

There has never been an occasion when my mother, aunts or I have worn one of their mekhelas and didn't get complimented on it.

I recommend them to my friends all the time and to anyone who is looking to buy mekhela."


"Draping my Sereki mekhlas gives me immense joy and I take pride in keeping Assam's culture and traditions alive while residing abroad. Sereki weaves define grace, elegance and make me feel beautiful. Residing abroad away from my homeland, they help me stay close to my roots. The designs are timeless, classy and are made with richness exhibiting some of the highest quality silk I’ve ever worn. "


"It's been 9 years since I have been wearing mekhela sadors designed by Mrs. Reema Khargaria who happens to be my aunt-in-law. She is just amazing in her work. The design and the color combinations that she chooses for my mekhela sadors are just so beautiful. She knows how to choose the perfect colour and the exact design depending on a person's body type. Every time I wear her mekhela sadors I have been getting compliments always from everyone. It just feels so good to wear them. They are just perfect for any celebration and get-together. "


"Sereki : the first mekhela I ever wore. Added to it has a unique touch of personal preferences, sereki lives up to its mark for personal preferences . I have the flexibility of keeping my choices simple. I adore how my borders are always kept neat, Just the way I always love it. Sereki adds up the emotional touch and a tinge of happiness bursting from within, the moment I drape it around me. Sereki will never say a “no” for the motifs of my choice and I mostly trust sereki with a blind eye for the colors. I dream of a color and sereki will get it done, even better. Sereki lives in my heart ♥️"


"Exquisite collection. Highly recommended for those looking for unique designs. Added to it the sereki team ensures full customer satisfaction  with their professionalism."


"Every drape of this gorgeous Muga and Paat mekhela sador  reminded me of my cultural roots and traditions, making me feel connected to Assam & its beauty.

This Assamese mekhela sador in elegant colours & intricate designs are perfect for every occasion.

I was extremely overwhelmed to receive all the compliments for this mekhela sador design.

This Assamese traditional dress  is surely “Love at first sight” for me!"


"Maa got the mekhela sador and she loves it. She can't help admiring it. She said the work is so finely done and even the buta is so nice. Reminds her of the quality and design of mekhela sador earlier as its hard to find it now.”

Review by Manaswita Chakraborthy


"Once you go Sereki, you can't go back. Hands down, one of the best quality mekhela sadors in the world!"


"What I received was an exquisite work of art. Unique, high quality and regal at the same time. Thank you making me sparkle  ❤️❤️❤️"


"I recently purchased a Mekhela Sador from Sereki, my sister's brand, and I have to say, I'm grateful to her for maintaining the authenticity of Assamese heritage.

I am absolutely in love with this Mekhela Sador. The colors are vibrant and the intricate patterns are just stunning. It's clear that a lot of care and attention to detail went into the design and creation of this saree, and I'm proud to support a brand that values craftsmanship and sustainability.

I received many compliments on the saree when I wore it to a wedding and I felt so elegant and beautiful in it. 

I highly recommend Sereki for anyone looking for high-quality, unique and beautiful Assamese sarees. 

Thank you Sereki, for creating such a beautiful piece that I will cherish for years to come!"


“It's hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous piece of Mekhela Sador especially when the colours are so unusual and so unique! 

I wore this stunning Yellow-Purple Mekhela Sador on my wedding day and I was extremely overwhelmed with the compliments that I received throughout the ceremony. 

I felt very confident and so deeply connected to my culture and I was surprised by the brilliance that shined through every weft and warp. 

The meticulous weaving and the intricate designs left me in complete awe. It was just magical! 

Thank you Sereki for this delightful hand-woven treat.”


"I recently purchased this dark green n gold kesa paat mekhela sador.. Extremely elegant!,

At least i find it so.. I'm falling short of words, how elated I am with this purchase. I fell in love with the design when I first saw it in the website.. But I had my reservations to make a purchase without actually seeing and feeling it..I was unsure if the colour delivered would be the same. I still took the chance after discussing with them..

They even customised the size for me, since I'm kinda petite.. And when I received it, oh. what a was exactly what I had seen on screen..amazing quality..better in real..

Not only this one mekhela sador...each design they make I keep wowing..

Lots of love and best wishes Sereki."


"I recently purchased a stunning Mekhela sador saree from Sereki when I received the package and I was blown away how the mekhela sador turned out , It's beautiful with intricate embroidery and rich colors that looked even better in person than in the photos online.

I wore this mekhela sador a few days back. It's gorgeous, everyone appreciated it's beauty so much .I wore it with a different blouse though it gave that fabulous look, but what really impressed me was the attention to detail in the delivery package. 

It was clear that a lot of care and thought went into the packaging, and it made the whole experience of receiving the saree feel so special .

Beyond just the beautiful packaging, I was also impressed with how quickly the saree arrived."Overall, I had a wonderful experience shopping with Sereki, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful traditional clothing with excellent customer service." 


"I loved the mekhela sador! I loved wearing that piece! ♥️ It was stunning... Thank you so much! I got many compliments...! Grateful!"


"I looked stunning on my wedding day. Sereki is a must stop for authentic Assamese silk mekhela sadors."


"Got the package but what really impressed me was the care and attention that went into the delivery package.

I am beyond thrilled with the silver Mekhela sador  that I received from Sereki! This Mekhela sador is absolutely gorgeous, with intricate details and stunning craftsmanship.

I purchased two other Mekhela sadors from Sereki wore this silver Mekhelasador ,loved it totally and it's so beautiful. Bhaut compliments o paisu.

This Silver Mekhela sador is my absolute favourite.

Thank you Sereki, for such a beautiful product!"