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Kshitija Brown-Blue Muga Silk Mekhela Sador

Kshitija Brown-Blue Muga Silk Mekhela Sador

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About Me

Handwoven in timeless muga silk and blue traditional Assamese motif work is this gorgeous Kshitija muga brown mekhela sador which is a true reflection of Assam’s rich heritage and craft. The borders of this muga mekhela is rich in its texture and the craft of handweaving.

Elegant and exclusive muga silk epitomizes the rich Assamese weaving culture. Durability and lustre are muga silk's quintessential character making it a dream for every Assamese woman as a part of family heirlooms.

Made From

Muga Silk 

Number of Man Weks To Create Me

8 - 12 Weeks

Drape Me

Mekhela (lower portion) is 2 m 40 cm

Sador (above piece) is 2 m 85 cm

Blouse piece is 1 m

Wear with Care - Care Guide


Never hand-wash or machine-wash a silk mekhela sador.
In case the mekhela sador gets stained, immediately wipe the stain off with cold water.
It is advisable to only dry-clean silk mekhela sadors.
Never hang a silk mekhela sador to dry in direct sunlight as doing so will cause the color to fade.
Don’t keep the mekhela sador bundled up as this will result in the threads of the embroidery work getting entangled.
Store the mekhela sador in a light cotton muslin cloth. This will give the mekhela sador breathing space and will prevent one mekhela sador from sticking to another when kept in a pile.
Don’t store the mekhela sador in a plastic cover as this will cause the gold embroidery to turn black.

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